App Update: Version 1.9 out now!


We just released the latest version of Champion Select, get it here for Android or try the HTML version.

In this release, we added a feature that many of you have been asking for – the ability to save posters directly to your PC or Android device, so you can keep them and share them over email, text message, or any social network.  We’ve also had a number of people ask how they can share posters with a Facebook Group, rather than just in their news feed.  With the new Save function, you can share posters however you like.

Keep sending us your feedback, and thanks for checking out the new version!


The Freljord and the Howling Abyss – Patch 3.6

Riot just rolled out a big update and with it, a flurry of changes and new stuff. Lets start with the biggest change. The Proving Grounds have been put to rest, replaced by the Howling Abyss, the new ARAM map. Along with the map came a new champion: Lissandra, the Ice Witch (she’s OP). Sejuani and Trundle both recieved relaunches with new ice-themed models and abilities. You can read about the rest of the changes here.

The battle for the Freljord has begun! You can side with Ashe, the Frost Archer; Sejuani, the Winter’s Wrath; or Lissandra, the Ice Witch. Pick a tribe and earn an exclusive summoner icon. Check out the video below to learn about the Freljord.

New Video Review from Catrific!

The awesome and talented Catrific of Youtube fame has posted a great review of our app, AND she’s giving away $50 RP to one of her fans!  Go check it out, enter to win, show some love by subscribing to Catrific’s channel, and keep on posting those posters!

Version 1.8.3 now available!

godlike pentakill

Version 1.8.3 has just been released! Make to sure to grab the update on your Android device or check it out in your browser (you might need to clear your cache). Update notes below:

  • New posters – now you can get posters for specific in-game achievements: Killing Spree, Rampage, Dominating, Unstoppable, Godlike, Legendary, Triple Kill, Quadrakill, and Pentakill.
  • Bug fixes
  • Fixed performance issues

Let us know what you think of the app in the comments section below!